New Year, New Leaf!!

We have made a subtle change to our logo, with a strong statement. Our new leaf brings attention to the rise in trees, which are becoming extinct in Ontario. Our leaf is shaped after the leaves that can be found on Cherry Birch (Betula Lenta). A note from Cottage Life regarding the Cherry Birch;

“Unlike many other endangered trees, the cherry birch isn’t threatened by a pest or fungus. Instead, habitat destruction due to residential development throughout southern Ontario has significantly reduced its numbers. As well, since the population exists almost exclusively on the shores of Lake Ontario, the tree is particularly vulnerable to erosion. At the moment, cherry birches can only be found in two sites on the Niagara peninsula”.

How does the above relate to #submetering or #onyxenergy? We are passionate about conservation and sustainability. We participate in tree planting events and donate tree seedlings for new and extensions to contracts through our program, Partnering with Purpose.

Unfortunately, trees must come down to support residential and commercial development, widening roads and changes to landscape, but what comes down, we can build back up! This is why we also support tree planting within all of our divisions.

The change to our logo also signifies new growth! We are poised for continue growth and will maintain our commitment to giving back, giving back to communities, charities and our planet!

Happy New Year!

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Greener Schools

Before the end of the 2019 school year, Onyx Energy was able to present to a local Kitchener school; we engaged with a group of grade 8 students and assist them in content for a project on how to make their school and region more sustainable.  We look forward to working with our local and other regions school board for this upcoming school year.  Green schools and the encouragement of staff and students to make a difference is important.  We are excited to see funding announced during the summer that will assist schools in being green!  This is a great initiative.  For more information please see below as published by the National Post.

$60 million from federal carbon tax to go to green projects in schools


The Onyx Cares Project

Since the inception of Onyx Energy; care and concern for the environment has been a pillar of our corporate culture.  To name a few initiatives, we have planted trees, donated seedlings to area schools and have held e-waste drives!  We decided to bring together our passion for the environment and sustainability and create the Onyx Cares Project.

For each new contract; Onyx Energy provides the following options to our clients;

  • Tree Planting/Seedings.  We will donate seedlings (one for each Tenant/Occupant) that can be planted on-site; if planting on-site is not an option, Onyx Energy will add the total number of trees to our tree planting events and donate these in the communities which we service
  • Filtered Water.  Onyx Energy has partnered with a local company, Enviro-Stewards; with their help, we will donate on our client’s behalf one filtration system; which is sent to a community in need, generally Africa, these systems can filter water for a community of 10 people for up to 25 years.  Each system is tracked via GPS and information relating to the community is shared through social media
  • Living Wall.  One of the benefits of installing a living wall is that it is a natural way to purify the air around you; they also provide a great visual and are an indoor statement piece.  Onyx Energy can provide and install living walls to be enjoyed by your clients, Tenants or Occupants.

Installing our sub-metering services can make a significant impact on the environment. Generally, when users are made aware of their consumption, they lower their consumption, which conserves natural resources.  When you choose to partner with Onyx Energy for sub-metering, you are selecting a Partnership with Purpose.





27,000 Bottles of Water

Did you know that Onyx Energy has a detection system that can detect low-level and high-level water consumption issues?  Several times a month, our system is able to detect low-level alerts which more often than not are issues with toilets. In this example, there is nothing low about this alert.

A flapper issued an alert for higher than normal consumption of water in a condo unit, the issue from the start of detection until corrected by the Owner was roughly 7 hours, which wasted close to 8,000 bottles of water.  Had this not been addressed, each day the equivalent of 27,000 bottles of water would have been wasted.  This is alarming.  However, because our system, in each property that we sub-meter for water, we have the ability to detect these issues so that Owners and Property Managers can stop the issue, saving water.

Seems more than ever, that everywhere you turn there are posts about what we need to do NOW to protect Mother Earth.  From commercials, news stories, social media, and conversations.  It is at the forefront of our business model to help where we can to conserve water.  It is a precious resource.

That sentiment proved to be very strongly communicated in a documentary that our team has watched on more than a few occasions.   If you get a chance to, we recommend watching “The World’s Water Crisis” brought to you by the series “Explained”.

Outside of conserving water, we promote conservation of all utilities.  We offer suggestions and support, and green initiatives to offset carbon emissions.  If you have a great tip, we would love to hear from you!

If you living in a property that is not serviced by Onyx Energy we invite you to please check your toilets for leaks, and flapper issues, you will save money and help the environment.

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Sustainability Waterloo


Onyx Energy is a program member with Sustainability Waterloo.  This is a great local organization that notes the following on their website, “We foster the development of the local green economy by supporting organizations to set ambitious and realistic sustainability targets. We encourage an overall approach to sustainability, with focus on carbon, waste and water operations”.

In speaking with the Co-Founder of Onyx Energy, Angel-Marie Reiner, she shared why the partnership with Sustainability Waterloo was so crucial to the organization.  “Beyond the fact that this is a great organization that promotes conservation and sustainability in our region, we joined the organization to push our accountability towards sustainability.  Essentially, we promote to our client base the importance of conservation, and we want to have a pulse on not only Onyx Energy but Onyx Property Group that keeps us aiming to “walk-the-walk”, “talk-the-talk”, we must lead by example, and have that measured”.

The Onyx Group, comprised of both Onyx Energy and Onyx Property Group are working through their third week of a month-long challenge, known as the Carbon Cleanse.  If you follow us on Instagram and Twitter, you would have seen posts of the fantastic efforts our team has made, to reduce water usage, electricity usage and make dramatic improvements to overall waste reduction.

Check out our Carbon Cleanse adventure on our Instagram Page @onyxenergy