27,000 Bottles of Water

Did you know that Onyx Energy has a detection system that can detect low-level and high-level water consumption issues?  Several times a month, our system is able to detect low-level alerts which more often than not are issues with toilets. In this example, there is nothing low about this alert.

A flapper issued an alert for higher than normal consumption of water in a condo unit, the issue from the start of detection until corrected by the Owner was roughly 7 hours, which wasted close to 8,000 bottles of water.  Had this not been addressed, each day the equivalent of 27,000 bottles of water would have been wasted.  This is alarming.  However, because our system, in each property that we sub-meter for water, we have the ability to detect these issues so that Owners and Property Managers can stop the issue, saving water.

Seems more than ever, that everywhere you turn there are posts about what we need to do NOW to protect Mother Earth.  From commercials, news stories, social media, and conversations.  It is at the forefront of our business model to help where we can to conserve water.  It is a precious resource.

That sentiment proved to be very strongly communicated in a documentary that our team has watched on more than a few occasions.   If you get a chance to, we recommend watching “The World’s Water Crisis” brought to you by the series “Explained”.

Outside of conserving water, we promote conservation of all utilities.  We offer suggestions and support, and green initiatives to offset carbon emissions.  If you have a great tip, we would love to hear from you!

If you living in a property that is not serviced by Onyx Energy we invite you to please check your toilets for leaks, and flapper issues, you will save money and help the environment.

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