Commercial Sub-metering

Onyx Energy can Sub-meter commercial, industrial and retail properties. Sub-metering drives CAM’s/TMI’s lower thus attracting a larger base of potential tenants in today’s competitive market. By having your tenants pay for their own consumption they will be satisfied long term, thus resulting in higher tenant retention rates.

Who Uses More Water?

If a commercial plaza has 4 units, a car wash, a veterinary clinic, an insurance office and a restaurant. Which tenants uses the most water?

It is certainly not the insurance office. Paying utilities on a floor ratios basis is simply unfair and can be costly to tenants that simply do not use the vast majority of the utility, resulting in turn-over.

Do it the fair way, Sub-meter today!

Tenant retention is vastly improved with Sub-metering. Tenants are more inclined to stay in a rental environment that promotes fairness. Tenant turn-over is expensive and negatively affects cash flow.

Equipment & Services

From state-of-the-art hardware to easy and convenient billing software and services, Onyx Energy has solutions for all of your Sub-metering needs.

Single Source Billing

The Onyx Energy billing platform integrates with existing utility accounts to provide a single source for all billing. Occupants have the ease receiving only one invoice, and property owner have less management and risk associate with occupant utilities.