Single Source Billing

Single Source Billing

The Onyx Energy Billing Platform can integrate with existing utility accounts to provide a single source for all billing. As an example, our platform is able to integrate with the region’s electricity providers, charges related to electricity can be included on the occupants’ Onyx Energy Invoice.

Occupants have the ease of having several of their utility related bills all located on one invoice, with one automated payment and one security deposit.

Our platform allows for additional services to be included such as Bulk Internet.

Onyx Energy Portal

Go to the client portal on your PC to view your invoices, consumption data and Onyx Energy Agreements. You can also track the your progress of lowering your Carbon Footprint.

Onyx Energy App

The perks of the client portal are now available for easy access on your phone. Download your Onyx Energy App from the App Store or Google Play Store.