Onyx Energy is committed to empowering those around us to be able to effectively contribute to conservation and make a meaningful impact.  Onyx Energy has partnered with Carbonzero, the industry leader in terms of carbon offsetting. Our partnership with Carbonzero assists us in our tree-planting initiatives. We challenge ourselves and you to be conservation conscious.

How will you make your mark?  Onyx Energy is committed as an organization to do our part to conserve our natural resources.  We are committed to educating those around us to off-set their Carbon Footprint, as well as making efforts as an organization, such as our annual tree-planting initiative.

Many conservation tips are effortless and easy to apply but have a grand impact.  As an added benefit, efforts that support conservation can also lower your monthly bills!

Trees Planted

Every Little Drop

Install water-saving shower heads and take shorter showers and report or repair any suspected water leaks from all pipes, faucets and toilets immediately.

Set Your Dials

Set the temperature inside your refrigerator between 2°C and 3°C (35°F to 38°F). Freezers should operate at -18°C (0°F). You may use up to 25% more energy by keeping the temperatures 5°C (9°F) colder than the recommended levels.

Think Smaller

When possible, use smaller appliances such as a toaster oven or microwave instead of the range, as these use less energy. Preheat the oven only when baking, as most foods can be cooked properly without preheating the oven.

Get Cozy

Snuggle up with a cozy blanket and lower your thermostat.  For each degree that a thermostat is lowered, energy is reduced by roughly 3-5%.

Small Pots, Large Loads

Choose your cooking pot size wisely.  No need to have a large pot, filled with water to boil two potatoes… and remember to only use your dishwasher when you have a full load.

Bright Ideas

Save energy and reduce the bill when you turn off lights, TVs and other appliances when not in use. Dust your light fixtures regularly as dirt can absorb light and reduce brightness and change your bulbs to energy saving LED lights.

Keep Your Cool

Decrease your air conditioner temperature by one degree to lower your electricity bill by 3-5% and when it’s cool outside, open the windows and turn off your air conditioner to save even more.

Wash Wisely

Wash laundry in cold water, 90% of all clothing product can be washed in cold water, opposed to warm/hot.

Become a part of the movement

Do you have conservation tips that you would like to share?  Please share them with us via our app.

Property Owners

Onyx Energy provides customizable Sub-metering and energy solution packages to meet the needs of your specific property.

Occupants and Students

Your unit is supplied with a metering system which is unique to your unit. Control you own usage, access real-time data, and take charge of your own carbon footprint.