Property Owners

Property Owners & Developers

Partnering with Onyx Energy provides a complete solution for Sub-metering including purchasing, installing and monitoring of Sub-metering equipment for new and retro-fit properties.  We manage the entire process with your occupant base: ensuring all units/beds are accounted for, all utilities are collected, and collecting and minimizing delinquent payments. All funds are transferred to you electronically in a timely manner. All of these services lower your expenses, which increases your cash flow and your building value!

Equipment & Services

From state-of-the-art hardware to easy and convenient billing software and services, Onyx Energy has solutions for all of your Sub-metering needs.

Asset Protection

Save yourself and your occupants the threat of a leak or a flood. Avoid damages and costly repairs with the Onyx Energy Leak Detection System. Ask us about how we can STOP water before it becomes an issue. Onyx Energy provides you with peace of mind.

Student Housing Solutions

Onyx provides per room billing solutions for student housing occupants. Allowing each roommate to manage and care for their own consumption, deposits, and payments.

Single Source Billing

The Onyx Energy billing platform integrates with existing utility accounts to provide a single source for all billing. Occupants have the ease receiving only one invoice, and property owner have less management and risk associate with occupant utilities.

We also provide you financing options for meters so that initial cash layout is minimized but the full benefit of collecting utilities invoiced to from occupants is maximized.


Onyx Energy encourages occupants to lower their Carbon Footprint.  Onyx Energy is ready to designate your property as a Carbon Neutral Building with the help of Carbon Zero. Join the movement with your occupants at no cost to you, show that your building is GREEN!

Monthly Reporting for Better Business

Financial reporting is also a key component to our business structure. We understand how important accurate and timely financials are to your corporation. We provide monthly statements which clearly identify by property and by utility (water/gas/thermal/electricity) exactly what was collected on your behalf. We note and provide action plans for collection of delinquent payments. We transfer into your bank account the funds collected and provide you your monthly statements before the last day of each month. Furthermore, we can provide quarterly and/or annual statements.