About Us

About Onyx Energy

In 2016, Onyx Energy was co-founded by the current ownership team which combined over 15 years of experience relating to multi-family real estate, student housing, property development and ownership while operating a successful property management and consulting business via our sister company, Onyx Property Group. This experience has led to having an actual understanding of the benefits of Sub-metering for not only owners, but also for property managers and occupants, which led us to Onyx Energy.      

Our business model is quite simple. We provide a turn-key solution that offers owners, developers and condominium boards the ability to recoup the costs associated with various utilities. This in turn educates tenants to make wise decisions regarding consumption and empowers occupants to improve and offset their carbon footprint.

The results are improved cash-flow and dramatically increased valuations while working toward the movement of energy conservation.

Onyx Energy is an accredited member of the Ontario Energy Board, is a member of the Better Business Bureau. We have partnerships with many high-profile organizations such as Carbon Zero, whom we work with to develop our carbon offset platform.