Student Housing Solutions

Student Billing Solutions

By providing per student (per bedroom) individualized invoices, students are required to pay for only their share of utilities only.  No longer is one occupant responsible for paying the bills and having the frustration of tracking down payments from their roommates. This is an attractive attribute for occupants and parents looking for a rental unit.  Per bed invoicing also means that property managers do not have to focus on occupant disputes relating to utility payments.  Property managers can concentrate their efforts on attracting renters!

Single Source Billing

The Onyx Energy billing platform integrates with existing utility accounts to provide a single source for all billing. Occupants have the ease receiving only one invoice, and property owner have less management and risk associated with tenant utilities.


Onyx Energy encourages occupants to lower their Carbon Footprint.  Onyx Energy is ready to designate your property as a Carbon Neutral Building with the help of Carbon Zero. Join the movement with your occupants at no cost to you, show that your building is GREEN!