New Year, New Leaf!!

We have made a subtle change to our logo, with a strong statement. Our new leaf brings attention to the rise in trees, which are becoming extinct in Ontario. Our leaf is shaped after the leaves that can be found on Cherry Birch (Betula Lenta). A note from Cottage Life regarding the Cherry Birch;

“Unlike many other endangered trees, the cherry birch isn’t threatened by a pest or fungus. Instead, habitat destruction due to residential development throughout southern Ontario has significantly reduced its numbers. As well, since the population exists almost exclusively on the shores of Lake Ontario, the tree is particularly vulnerable to erosion. At the moment, cherry birches can only be found in two sites on the Niagara peninsula”.

How does the above relate to #submetering or #onyxenergy? We are passionate about conservation and sustainability. We participate in tree planting events and donate tree seedlings for new and extensions to contracts through our program, Partnering with Purpose.

Unfortunately, trees must come down to support residential and commercial development, widening roads and changes to landscape, but what comes down, we can build back up! This is why we also support tree planting within all of our divisions.

The change to our logo also signifies new growth! We are poised for continue growth and will maintain our commitment to giving back, giving back to communities, charities and our planet!

Happy New Year!

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