Energy Saving Tips for the Hot Summer Months

Summer is in full swing, bringing lots of fun but the high temperatures can also mean an increase to your electric bill. These simple and inexpensive actions can help you save energy and money during the hot summer months.

Before you leave home for an extended absence turn off your air conditioner, or at a minimum,  turn up the thermostat. This is an easy way to use less power. Also, make sure the air filter is clean. Dirty air filters cause air conditioning units to work harder, therefore using more energy.

Heat up your food without heating up the house. A microwave is much faster and more efficient at heating things up than an oven.  Choosing to BBQ outdoors whenever possible is a great help as well. Not only does this bring the taste of summer to the table, it keeps the heat outside.

Keep the sun out. Curtains, blinds and shades keep the sun’s hot rays out of your house. Keep them closed on sunny days during the summer season. Also, trees planted near your house will add shade with the added bonus that, when the tree sheds its leaves in the fall, the sunlight will return just in time for the colder months.

If you use air conditioning, installing ceiling fans will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4°F with no reduction in comfort. Just remember to turn off the fan when you leave the room. Fans cool people by creating a wind chill effect but they do not actually cool the room.

Solar power your laundry. Skip the dryer and go for an old-fashioned clothes line.  You can’t beat free energy from the sun, but first make sure there is no rain in the forecast.

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