How Sub-Metering Increases Property Value

The costs associated with the delivery, supply and administration of utilities continues to rapidly increase year over year. As a property owner you can lessen your overall burden of having to absorb these rate increases by using Onyx Energy’s sub metering solution.

Onyx Energy’s sub metering system creates easy visibility into how and when energy is consumed. This means that key decision-makers can identify inefficiencies and take immediate action to curb waste. At the same time, making buildings themselves more sustainable, and helping equipment and machinery last longer.

While having accurate energy bills is great, tenants also want to see their own real-time data for their space.  This unique offer gives the building a competitive advantage which can help maintain high occupancy.

By reviewing their energy data, tenants can see how their behavioural changes affect utility bills. Each sustainability effort tenants make will be visible in the energy consumption data, motivating them to reduce their energy consumption through simple adjustments likes electricity usage during off hours.

A reduction of net expense through water and energy conservation and recovery of utility expense adds to an owner’s net operating income. When a property’s net operating income is increased, the result is a greater loan and resale value to the owner. Not to mention, properties outfitted with utility sub-metering, allocation, and billing management systems have the curb appeal and financial draw buyers look for.

Partnering with Onyx Energy will dramatically increase your property value. For example, a 50 unit building pays $25,000 in water and gas fees annually. Having the tenants pay for their own consumption increases the value of the property by $500,000 with zero money invested.

Ready to increase  your property value? Contact Onyx Energy to speak with the sub metering experts.