What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a globally recognized way to take responsibility for unavoidable carbon emissions. In simple terms, offsetting one tonne of carbon means there will be one less tonne of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there would otherwise have been.  It is the fastest way to achieve emissions reductions and the only way to achieve […]

How to Save Energy While on Vacation

The sun is out and the beach is calling you! Everyone enjoys a get away during the hot summer months but before you hit the road, consider these tips to save money and conserve energy at home. Unplug everything Many people don’t realize how many appliances use electricity even when not in use. It may […]

How Sub-Metering Increases Property Value

The costs associated with the delivery, supply and administration of utilities continues to rapidly increase year over year. As a property owner you can lessen your overall burden of having to absorb these rate increases by using Onyx Energy’s sub metering solution. Onyx Energy’s sub metering system creates easy visibility into how and when energy […]

Onyx Energy App Coming Soon

Soon you will be able to download the Onyx Energy App via the App Store or Google Play Store.  View your invoices and consumption data in seconds! View your Onyx Energy Agreements and track your process of lowering your Carbon Footprint.  Join the Onyx Energy movement of Conservation Through Empowerment, Living Carbon Neutral, view and submit […]

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