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With Onyx Energy you have access to your Onyx Energy Utility Account through an Online Portal and our Onyx Energy App. Update your account, review current/past invoices, make payments and view your energy consumption data.

The App provides automated reminders for upcoming payments due, past due notices and alerts relating to consumption. You can even compare your usage from the same time period from years past.

Download the App today available for Apple and Android devices.

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Single Source Billing

The Onyx Energy Billing Platform can integrate with existing utility accounts to provide a single source for all billing. As an example, our platform is able to integrate with the region’s electricity providers, charges related to electricity can be included on the occupants’ Onyx Energy Invoice.

Online Billing & Usage Tracking

With the use of our App and Portal, you will be able to review your invoice the moment it is posted, no downtime waiting for an invoice to be sent to you by “snail mail,” you can plan and budget for your payments in advance!